Our Story

Korea House is an Austin local business that put down its root ever since grandma and grandpa Kim planted the restaurant in the community. It is now run by the son, CK Kim and the daughter-in-law, EJ Kim. As the restaurant was handed over, our executive chef, EJ Kim, has brought her own color to the table with a great deal of research and experiments. She wanted our customers to experience a wholesome Korean home cooked meal - a kind of meal that you know it’s mom’s cooking because it has so much love, patience and warmth. Korea House has been blossoming with a more refined spirit and its color is transforming every season.

Korean food is a well-known “slow food”. The preparation of each dish takes a lot of waiting that involves fermentation, marinating, and etc. You can’t cheat this process that brings out the natural tastiness in the flavor. This slow way is perhaps our executive chef’s tenacity in bringing out the right flavor for each dish. The good news is the food is not only delicious but also healthy! We are proud to say that every dish is ready to captivate your palette and bring warmth to your heart.